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Name: Bingrui (Bing) Mo
Major: Computer Science
Year: 2nd
Appointment Link: Bing's Availability

Get to know me: Great job completing those summer classes! You’re a first year and with that comes a lot of responsibility. School, social life, relationship, and even a part-time job, all of those are things we as students have to juggle daily. Having struggled with all of that last year, I think I can be of assistance to those who are afraid and scared of how to manage their time correctly whilst doing everything they want. I was also undeclared last year, so if any of you are stressed out about declaring a major, I am the man for the job! While there is understandably going to be a lot of new experience coming your way, I hope to be alongside all of you throughout this journey. Congratulations again and I hope to see you all soon!

Name: Karina Velasquez
Major: Political Science
Year: 2nd
Appointment Link: Karina's Availability 

Get to know me: Hey Bridgers! I want to congratulate every one of you for making it this far and being one step closer finding your path at UCI! This being said, as a former Summer Bridge student myself, I understand how stressful and overwhelming it is in the beginning. But you guys can do this! As a full time student with two jobs, clubs, volunteering, Greek life, and a relationship, it's sometimes hard to remember to take care of yourself. So, I want focus on your mental health and well-being to ensure you’re getting the most out of your college experience! We will discuss topics like positivity, involvement on campus, time management skills, and much more. I am here to help you with any questions or concerns about adjusting to college. With that being said, I am looking forward to meet all of you!

Name: Jason Sanchez
Major: Electrical Engineering
Year: 2nd
Appointment Link: Jason's Availability

Get to know me: Hello, Summer Bridge Anteaters, my name is Jason Sanchez. I am from a Hispanic background, and I am a little introverted, but when it comes down to it, I am willing to come out of my comfort zone. After I graduate from UCI, I hope to have a career (if possible) in medical technology, if not I hope to possibly go into either computers or consumer electronics. Being able to give back to my family and my community is something that is very important to me and something I hope to be able to do after graduating from UCI. Some of my interest are working out, hanging out with friends, YouTube, Anime, Memes, and food, especially free food. Entering a University might be intimidating, but one of the major keys for success is having a balance and having a balance that makes you happy and successful. As your Mentor we will go through, several topics from academic and professional development to getting involved in campus organizations that interest you and just making sure you have your fun or relaxation. As an engineer, a heavy course load is no surprise but, even then I think finding the balance between fun and work that suits you is very important for success and well your sanity as a student. This is where self-care comes in, learning how to deal with the change and stresses that come with the university is another topic that we may potentially come across, along with seeing the experience you would like to get through college.

Name: Priscilla Castaneda
Majors: Education and Sociology
Year: 2nd
Appointment Link: Priscilla Availablity

Get to know me: Hi there Summer Bridge Scholars! I’m Priscilla Castaneda, a second-year double majoring in Education and Sociology. I know many things in college may seem quite daunting and overall a bit overwhelming, and as your future mentor, I will provide you with guidance and resources to make this whole shebang easier. Coming into college as a first-generation student, I sure did have many struggles such as anxiety, time-management, knowing about the resources provided on campus, and even the different campus organizations. And my goal as your mentor is to provide you with any support, along with guiding you towards making your 1st year a memorable and successful year. Overall, I am here for you, so do not ever hesitate to come to me about anything! I will welcome you with open arms! As I tell my friends, everything will be easy as lemon squeezy! Looking forward to meeting you! (:

Name: Radhika Halder
Major: Psychology and Social Behavior
Year: 2nd
Appointment Link: Radhika's Availability

Get to know me: Welcome fellow anteaters! My name is Rad! I'm from the Bay Area up in Nor Cal and currently a sophomore. I'm so excited to meet you all and talk to you about many various things to prepare you and guide you through your college experience. Let’s talk about everything on your mind like, academics, college experience and even things like sex, drugs, alcohol and some real life things like mental health and more. I think it's important to tell people your thoughts, so please feel free with me and talk to me about whatever you would please! I’m a little silly, but I’m your go to gal if you ever want to just talk about whatever. I can’t wait to meet you all and join you on your first year of college.

Name: Jose Salvador
Majors: Economics and Education
Year: 5th
Appointment Link: Jose's Availability

Get to know me: My name is Jose and I’m a 5th year Economics and Education major. I have experienced a plethora of ups and downs as an undergrad and I want to pass down everything I have learned to y’all. I will be focusing on balancing and time management since both are essential in succeeding as an undergrad. I am super involved, so if you want to get involved you know where to go. I also want to help you focus on creating goals for your future and helping you achieve them, which can mean helping you find clubs and organizations to join. I can help you prep for interviews, career fairs, and applying to any opportunity that you want. College is short, so you must make the most of it. Time will fly, and I will be there if you need any help, advice, or someone to talk to. So, if you want to learn about shortcuts, secret study spots on campus, and much more; then choose me as a mentor!

Name: Lydia Tran
Majors: Psychology and Social Behavior (Psychological Science) and Education minor 
Year: 3rd
Appointment Link: Lydia's Availability

Get to know me: Hi Summer Bridgers! My name is Lydia Tran. I am a 3rd year Psychological Science major with an Educational Studies minor. I'm also a first-generation, low-income student and I understand that switching from a high school to college environment can be a bit daunting so I'm here to help make that transition as easy on y'all as possible. Join me in exploring different majors, navigating the world that we know as Canvas, exploring campus and the resources it has to offer, learning about course planning, time-management, learning styles, and lots of self-care (because your physical and mental health should always come first)! 🙂

Name: Thu (Tammy) Nguyen
Majors: Business Economics and Political Science
Year: 2nd
Appointment Link: Tammy's Availability

Get to know me: As your peer mentor, I cannot take all your worries away, but I will try my best to be your listening ears and someone you can rely on. As a Summer Bridge alumni, I know how difficult it is to navigate successfully through your first year of higher education, but I hope to guide you through your first year by helping you learn test-taking strategies, how to prioritize your social, academic, and work life, and how to stay on top of school tasks. As someone who moved 400 miles away from home, I hope to help you find a community not only at UCI but in the Orange County area. I will help you find part-time jobs, work studies, and internships that would help expand your network and connect you to the community. I’m excited to meet and get to know you all.Interest: Drumming, Reading, Dancing, Cooking, Exercising Hakuna Matata (It means no worries for the rest of your days.)