Meet our Bridge Student Staff

Angela Lu - Admin Intern

Angela Lu

Business Administration Major

Hey y’all! My name is Angela Lu and I am a 2nd year Business Administration major. During my free time, I am usually drawing, reading manga, watching anime, playing games, or drinking boba! Three words I would use to describe myself are creative, quirky, and dependable. As an Admin Intern for Summer Bridge, I can’t wait to work with the mentors, meet you all, and make the most of this crazy school year 🙂

Alyssa Vasquez - Mentor

Alyssa Vasquez

Criminology, Law, & Society major
Psychological Sciences (PSB) major

Hi, Anteaters! My name is Alyssa and I am a fourth year double majoring in Criminology, Law, and Society and Psychology and Social Behavior. I am also minoring in Philosophy. A few things I enjoy are food adventures, theme parks, exercising, reading manga, watching anime, pizza, and monkeys. I am a ball of randomness but rest assured I would say that I am an easy person to talk to. I would describe myself as goofy, open-minded, and understanding. My goal as a mentor is to provide resources, insight, and a helping hand for my mentees to succeed in their first year of college and so on. As a former bridger myself, I understand the hardships that first generation low-income students face. Therefore, I am open and more than happy to share my knowledge regarding resume building, interview skills, financial aid, classes, etc. I look forward to meeting you all and making this an amazing year in these crazy times!

Christian Villamea - Mentor


Educational Sciences major
Psychological Sciences major

Good morning, Bridgers! My name is Christian and I am a 5th year Education Sciences and Psychological Science major. I spend most of my free time reading, cooking, playing video games, and listening to video essays. My goal as your mentor is to help make your transition to university life, especially during these times, as smooth as possible. I endeavor to be someone you feel like you can comfortably touch base with, a source of guidance and advice, and a gateway to other useful resources. And I definitely want to have tons of fun with you along the way! Overall, I never want you to feel like you’re alone here, and I’ll be doing my best to make sure you feel prepared to tackle the rest of your UCI journey!

Danielle Zaragoza - Mentor


Biological Sciences Major

Hey y’all 🙂 My name is Danielle and I am a 3rd year Biological Sciences Major. Some of my favorite things include late night beach trips, game nights, spontaneous trips, movies nights, reading, crafts and going to concerts . As a mentor, my goal is to serve as a resource for my mentees and to support you all through your journey as a mentee. Despite the changes that this year has brought, I hope to help you adjust to your first year and to help guide you with questions you may have about being involved on campus, jobs, campus resources and so on. I hope to build a sense of community and safe space where you feel supported. Overall, I am so excited to meet you all and to see what this school year will bring!

Genesis Paniagua-Castillo (Mentor)


Psychological Sciences major

Hi, ya'll!! My name is Genesis and I am a 4th-year studying Psychological Sciences. Some cool facts about me are that I love telling corny jokes, I enjoy baking, and my sun sign is Libra. I would describe myself as funny, social, and adventurous. My primary goal as a mentor is to help students feel at ease, secure, and confident in navigating this school year. I am also looking forward to creating many wonderful memories with my mentees and lasting relationships. I strive to be someone in whom you can share with, laugh with, and rely on. As we are all going through the struggles that this year has brought, I want mentees to know that I am here to help with professional development, research opportunities, campus resources, and etc. I am excited to start this school year and look forward to making it a memorable one with you all!

Josellim Fuentes - Mentor


Political Science major
Sociology major

Hello y’all! My name is Josellim and I am fourth year double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. Some things I enjoy are listening to music, binge-watching shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, going to Disneyland, coloring, and bullet journaling. I am always open for suggestions on songs that I should add to my playlist or shows to watch so feel free to share any suggestions. As a mentor, I hope to help my mentees get acclimated to the campus and be a guide to my mentees through their first year. I hope to be there for you all, whether it be a conversation about a movie, to vent, or advice on academic success. I am here to help my mentees in any way possible and connect you all to the right resources. I strive to make all my mentees feel supported and connected to the campus during this odd time. I am excited to get to know you all and build an inclusive community. Let's make this year fun!

Keith Tran - Mentor


Biomedical Engineering major

Hey ya! My name is Keith and I am a 4th year Biomedical Engineering major. From my own experience as a mentee in this program, I can tell you that I’ve had an amazing time building relationships that will last a lifetime and getting involved in a community full of support and guidance that I could call home on campus. As your mentor, I strive to be someone you can comfortably talk, study, and explore this crazy world with. Although life may be crazier than usual right now with Covid-19, I plan to be intentional and innovative about staying connected with you all this year. I look forward to meeting you all!

Mandy Shek - Mentor


Business Administration major with the emphasis on Marketing/Finance

Hello my fellow Summer Bridge Scholars! My name is Mandy and I am a 3rd year! I enjoy exploring new places/traveling, cooking, doing DIY’s, photography, and boba runs! I would describe myself as bubbly, enthusiastic, and outgoing! I love appreciating all things aesthetic as well as all the little things in life. I’m a huge self-care and self-love advocate! My goal as a mentor is to create lasting memories and meaningful relationships with my mentees! Don’t be afraid to approach me with any problems that you may encounter throughout the year! I would be more than happy to help you and I’ll always be here for y’all! Let’s make this year a fun and exciting year together!! 🙂

Reem Khan


Earth System Sciences major (part of CalTeach program)

Welcome to UCI! My name is Reem and I am a third-year studying to become a secondary school teacher in geosciences when I graduate. From my first year, I have been a member of the Campuswide Honors Collegium and I joined a research lab focused on oceanography just last year. However, the time I spent as a participant in the Summer Bridge program will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thus, I am excited to return as a mentor!

I know the stage you are entering to be a thrilling and somewhat daunting experience, but in time I know you will find a home here at UCI along with some of the best people you'll ever meet. I hope that you may allow me, and all of the Summer Bridge team, the chance to offer you guidance as you transition onto campus life. Virtually, but meaningfully nonetheless. If there's anything on your mind, feel free to reach out and we can figure it out together, putting one foot in front of the other.