Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend Summer Bridge?

The Summer Bridge Program is open to all incoming freshmen students. Scholarship eligibility is based on financial aid information and other demographics.

What classes will I take in Summer Bridge?

All Summer Bridge students will take University Studies 84: Bridges to University Success AND Logic and Philosophy of Science 60, The Making of Modern Science.

Can you tell me more about each of the classes I’ll be taking?

University Studies 84, Bridges to University Success, is a 4-unit class taught by a faculty member, a team of peer discussion leaders and graduate student teaching assistants (TA). The faculty member will address a wide range of topics that are important to your success at UCI, sharing with you approaches, opportunities and resources. Following the lecture, your discussion section will meet to discuss course topics. You will also meet regularly with your TA where you will receive writing instruction and assistance. You will also participate in academic, study skills and lifestyle activities with fellow students outside of regular class meetings. University Studies 84, Bridges to University Success, will help prepare you to get the most out of your UC Irvine experience, give you a head start, and provide pointers on expectations for University writing. You will also get to know incoming students and current successful UCI students. This class incorporates a writing component.

Logic and Philosophy of Science (LPS) 60, The Making of Modern Sciences, is a 4-unit course that looks at science from the perspective of both history and philosophy. It examines developments in science and mathematics since the Scientific Revolution, and investigates their significance for contemporary philosophical debates about current scientific theories. It is similar to, but smaller than, many of the classes you’ll be taking during your first two years at UCI while you fulfill your General Education requirements (it fills one of them) and explore areas of interest that may fall outside your major or lead to a new major or minor.

I was in high school in 2022-2023, why do I need to submit a FAFSA for 2022-2023 when I already did it for 2023-2024?

An academic year starts in Fall and ends with Summer. Therefore, Summer 2023 is part of the 2022-2023 FAFSA and that is when Summer Bridge takes place. For Financial Aid purposes, we need all applicants to complete both their 2022-2023 AND 2023-2024 FAFSA/Dream Act in order to process their application.

What is the difference between a full scholarship and a partial scholarship? What does the full scholarship cover? What does the partial scholarship cover?

The application review consists of financial verification which is done by UCI’s Financial Aid department. Students eligible for full scholarships are those whose EFC = 0. Eligibility is determined by the information provided in your 2022-2023 FAFSA. 

Students who are awarded full and partial scholarships will have course/e-tech fees as well as room and board covered and are eligible to request USHIP coverage if they do not have comparable health insurance. All Summer Bridge participants MUST pay the mandatory campus fee of $187 to complete their enrollment. Upon completion of the Summer Bridge Program, the $187 fee will be reimbursed to scholarship recipients (full and partial) as a final portion of the scholarship.

Partial Scholarships: If your EFC is not 0 then you are required to pay that amount out of pocket. For example: EFC is 150, then the student pays $150 out of pocket.

I have accepted the scholarship. What are the next steps?

Students who accept the Summer Bridge Scholarship will receive an email with next steps and instructions within 7 business days. Summer Bridge Scholars will need to be added to the system prior to enrollment. Summer Bridge participants MUST pay the mandatory campus fee of $187 to complete their enrollment. Upon completion of the Summer Bridge Program, the $187 fee will be reimbursed to scholarship recipients as a final portion of the scholarship. However, should scholarship recipients fail to attend or complete the program after submitting your $187 fee, they will NOT be reimbursed; it is then non-refundable. 

I hear that classes are large at UCI, how big will my Bridge classes be?

Bridges to University Success is a large lecture class (150+ students) with small discussion and writing sections (20-25 students). The other required Bridge class (The Making of Modern Science) is limited to Bridge participants and, as a result, is smaller.

How many students will be admitted to Bridge?

Summer Bridge will be limited to approximately 125-150 students. Eligible applicants will be admitted first-come, first-served, so apply early!

Where will I live during Summer Bridge?

All Summer Bridge students will live on campus, most likely Mesa Court.

How much will it cost for me to attend Summer Bridge?

Most students eligible for Summer Bridge will have all of their expenses covered by the Summer Bridge Scholarship. Some students who do not meet the requirements for full aid may be offered partial scholarships. To determine financial eligibility, a 2022-23 FAFSA/California Dream Act AND a 2023-24 FAFSA/California Dream Act.

Why should I attend Summer Bridge?

While not for everyone, the small cohort experience you get with Bridge can be particularly helpful. You will be living and learning with a small group of students from similar backgrounds to your own and have staff and students who will work with you to make the most of your experience. Students who have participated in past Bridge programs formed friendships and support systems that lasted throughout their time at UCI and beyond! It is also the gateway to continuing services through UCI’s Student Success Initiatives (SSI) with year-round advising, mentoring, tutoring, workshops, study space, and more.

What is included in Summer Bridge?

  • Housing for entirety of program
  • 2 classes that will count for credit (8 units) at UCI
  • Benefits during the school year like personalized guidance, priority registration, tutoring scholarships, and more!

Does the Summer Bridge Scholarship cover parking?

No. The scholarship does not cover parking. Parking is managed by UCI Transportation and Distribution Services. Visit for more information and contact them directly with questions. 

Want to learn more and/or apply now?

Application coming soon! Please visit our “Application” and “Program Benefits” tab above to learn more about the program.

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