Program Forms

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Important Documents:

Please refer to this section to find any important program documents/forms.

You are also able to check your contract requirements in this section and submit a waiver form to be excused from one specific event for the quarter. Only one waiver form may be submitted each quarter, and the deadline to submit is the Friday of finals week of the quarter you are submitting it for.

Workshop Verification Form:

  1. You must fill this form out completely in order for it to count towards your program requirements. You must attend 1 GATEWAY WORKSHOP EACH MONTH (i.e. April, May, June) and note that on the form.
  2. Submit the completed form to Tiffany’s office.

(BRIDGE) Workshop Verification Form (WORD DOC)

(BRIDGE) Workshop Verification Form (PDF)

Spring 2019 Student Testimonial Waiver Information:

Please complete the following steps in order for your waiver to be approved.

  1. Write about “How Your Program (Summer Bridge or FYRE) has Benefitted You”.
  2. Email the completed waiver form AND the response to your question to .

Deadline to submit the Student Testimonial Waiver will be Friday, June 14, 2019

Student Testimonial Waiver Form